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Creamy Coconut Yogurt - Dairy Free. Delicious and velvety texture. Nature's Super Snack. Made with coconut water and coconut milk. Naturally Hydrating. Dairy, Gluten, Soy, and added Sugar FREE. Happiness in every cup. 

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Coconut Benefits - Yoconut Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

My lactose intolerance and dairy free journey. Finally a dairy alternative that is thick and delicious like Greek yogurt. Coconut cure me.

Who are we

Yoconut Dairy Free is a food innovation company. We are people obsessed about creating delicious food that is healthy and allergy friendly (safe). That means, aside from coconuts, you will never find any of the big 8 most common food allergens in our foods. 

Our Founding Story

Bonnie loves to eat! As a child, she would have food in one hand while steering her bicycle in another. She started creating food in her kitchen early on as she is lactose intolerant, and always with a large appetite. She believes food changes everything, thus she make sure all her food are delicious, healthy, and allergy friendly.  Delicious health food is important to her as her grandma passed away from diabetes. 

During the past three years, she and a team of local foodies looked at yogurt with fresh eyes. They dropped the preconceive notion of dairy yogurt and reimagined more than 300 ways to craft a radically better yogurt with only plant-based ingredients. After many trials and perfecting of formulations, the Yoconut team are proud to introduce Yoconut Dairy Free (@YoconutDF) - yogurt reimagined - creamy coconut yogurt. A new way to make yogurt that is delicious, healthy, and less than 130 calories!

Yoconut Dairy Free starts with delicious and creamy coconut milk and ends with a sweet and tangy note. It is naturally dairy, gluten, soy, and hormone free, and have no added sugar. 

We like to think every time you peel open a Yoconut Dairy Free coconut yogurt, you ignite a new possibility while nurturing your health and happiness. 

Love from Yoconut Dairy Free kitchen,




Yoconut Dairy Free coconut yogurt is naturally delicious. Enjoy nature's deliciousness today!                                         #YoconutDF #CoconutYogurt #DairyFree #BecauseYouMatter #HH (Health and Happiness)