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SF, CA, 94103


Creamy Coconut Yogurt - Dairy Free. Delicious and velvety texture. Nature's Super Snack. Made with coconut water and coconut milk. Naturally Hydrating. Dairy, Gluten, Soy, and added Sugar FREE. Happiness in every cup. 

Yoconut Events

Want to try Delicious Creamy Yoconut Coconut Yogurt? Just attend out events and come to Farmers Market on Sunday. We have events all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Come by to see us.

TECH Fashion Week 2017 : Fashion Bloggers Connect
6:30 pm18:30

TECH Fashion Week 2017 : Fashion Bloggers Connect

  • Galvanize San Francisco

Yoconut Dairy Free (@YoconutDF) served up delicious and creamy coconut milk yogurt to the panelists and attendees at the San Francisco Fashion Bloggers Connect event. 

At the core of our brand, we are a food innovation company that makes delicious, healthy, and allergy-friendly food that is beauty forward. We believe eating more plant-based food and getting proper hydration is the foundation for beauty.

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11:00 am11:00


  • Sport Basement Bryant St.

Yoga, Yogurt, and SoGal (a female-led millennial venture capital fund) What do we have in common?

It is the LOVE of delicious and healthy food! Yep, we served up delicious and creamy coconut yogurt to all the attendees and chatted about what makes Yoconut Dairy Free coconut yogurt a super snack! Healthy body starts with healthy food and exercise/meditation.

Wendy at One Deep Breath Yoga offered 1-hour energizing, all-levels Vinyasa flow yoga class at Sport Basement San Francisco.

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Food Industry: A Journey into the Future of Eating
6:00 pm18:00

Food Industry: A Journey into the Future of Eating

  • General Assembly San Francisco

Our Founder Bonnie spoke on a panel on the future of eating. She spoke about how food supplies/food innovation changes the way we eat and that Food is the one thing that influence our quality of life most.

We must talk about the social impact food has on our society and how we as a society uses the power promised in food to drive us.

#YoconutDF #CoconutYogurt #DairyFree #SF #SuperSnack

YoconutDF Coconut Yogurt Sample at Female Founders Pitch Female Funders
6:00 pm18:00

YoconutDF Coconut Yogurt Sample at Female Founders Pitch Female Funders

  • Pivotal Labs

One of our social mission is supporting women and especially with nutritious food. That's why we are so proud to be sponsoring The Expat Women "Female Founders Pitch Female Funders: Mixer, Startup Demos and Pitch" event. It takes a tribe, a village to make anything successful. Let's support all the women who are putting themselves out there.

Yoconut Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt. By women who care.

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3:30 pm15:30

4th Annual Ladies Night Out

  • 1455 Bush Street San Francisco, CA, 94109 United States

We will be giving out delicious Yoconut creamy coconut yogurt samples this Saturday at the S.F. Spine Pain Relief Center 4th Annual Ladies Night Out event.

Join us and sample Yoconut creamy coconut yogurt - a super snack to boost your afternoon. And meet other amazing women and female owned businesses in the community. We will have lots of Yoconut coconut yogurt samples at our booth. So come by!

Dr. Lonna Denny D.C. and Dr. Krystal Drwencke D.C. will also share dynamite lecture on antiaging : "Secret Strategies for Maintaining Youth, Health, and Mobility".

Learn more and RSVP HERE.

Hope to see you at this Saturday!


SF Design Week 2016 : WOMEN in VR (Virtual+Reality)
6:00 pm18:00

SF Design Week 2016 : WOMEN in VR (Virtual+Reality)

  • WeWork Transbay

Yoconut Dairy Free partners up with SF Design week to nurture women in Virtual Reality with delicious plant-based coconut yogurt. 

#VARForum Lifestyle Series #02features aninspiring panel of accomplished women innovator their successes, leadership styles, tech talents and creativity. Join us for the conversation and enjoy delicious yogurt that is naturally dairy, gluten, soy, and hormones free.

#YoconutDF #SuperSnack #CoconutYogurt #SF

Couture Aesthetics 2 Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation
12:00 pm12:00

Couture Aesthetics 2 Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation

  • Couture Aesthetics

We will be sharing Yoconut creamy coconut yogurt at Couture Aesthetics 2 year anniversary party. Come party with us and meet Bay Area A-List, Holly Anne Alviar, owner of Couture Aesthetics. 

Beauty food is an essential part of skincare ritual. Don't miss Holly's talk on summer skin savers tips!

#YoconutDF #SuperSnack #CoconutYogurt #SF


P4L 2 Year Anniversary
3:00 pm15:00

P4L 2 Year Anniversary

  • Perform For Life

Sampling BEST coconut milk yogurt - We will be sharing samples of our creamy and delicious coconut milk yogurt with our friends at P4L on April 23rd between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Come join us as we toast to celebrate a successful 2 years and many more to come.