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Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt with No added Sugar. Natural occurring Electrolytes and high in calcium. Plant-based, Vegan, and Non-dairy yogurt. It is nature's Super Snack.

Health Benefits of Coconut

Why do we use coconuts to make dairy free Yoconut yogurt? Well, it is simple. Because coconuts is delicious and is naturally dairy free. So

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Delicious. Healthy. Naturally Dairy Free.


Coconut is Delicious 

The secret to making delicious food is to use delicious, wholesome ingredients and prepare it with lots of love.

Plus, the tropical taste of coconuts is rich in flavor and has a sweet and nutty taste profile. So naturally adding more coconuts (coconut water and coconut milk, which are squeezed from coconut meat) makes Yoconut Dairy Free creamy coconut yogurt extremely tasty.


Coconut is Healthy

MCT: The Good Fat, The Fat-Burning Fat

In addition to being a delicious ingredient, the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) or so-called medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) found in coconut are the good, healthy fat you want to be eating. MCT or MCFA are not stored as fat in our body; instead they are rapidly metabolized, giving your body clean fuel to use as energy without causing an insulin spike like carbohydrates. This fat-burning fat attribute, along with coconut’s antiviral properties (see below), are some of the reasons why coconut is often referred to as the king of foods. 

Lauric Acid

Over 50% of coconut fat is lauric acid. Lauric acid promotes a healthy immune system by protecting the body from infections and viruses with its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.


Coconut Milk is Naturally Dairy Free              

Did you know dairy is among the eight common foods that cause 90% of all food allergies? At Yoconut Dairy Free, we promise to never use any of these common allergy-causing ingredients.

Which is one of the reasons we use coconut. Coconut is simple; it’s grown on trees, so it is naturally dairy free, lactose free, and casein free. Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt has a pleasant, mild fragrance and is sweet and nutty, thick and creamy, and not too tart.


Coconut is Free of Injected Hormones and Antibiotics

Coconut is a 100% plant-based superfood, so you can enjoy it and share it with your loved ones knowing that it was never injected with hormones or antibiotics.


Coconut is High in Fiber

In addition to the live and active cultures in Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt, coconut is beneficial because of its high fiber content. Fiber is a key nutrient in maintaining intestinal health and regulating the digestive tract, making it an essential part of a healthy diet. The MCTs in coconut fiber also support the growth of helpful bacteria in your intestines. After all, a healthy gut leads to a healthier body!


Coconut Water is Rich in Electrolytes

Coconut water is also known for its crisp taste and the hydrating properties of its electrolytes. The primarily minerals that make up electrolytes in coconut water are Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, and Phosphorus. These minerals collectively help maintain fluid balance, which is essential for hydration.

Did you know that just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity?

This is why Yoconut Dairy Free coconut yogurt is a better hydration option for you. It has naturally occurring electrolytes derived from coconut water, plus it is much lower in sodium than traditional sport drinks. In fact, Yoconut Dairy Free is the only yogurt in the market with naturally occurring electrolytes that are great for everyday hydration and pre- or post-workouts.