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Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt with No added Sugar. Natural occurring Electrolytes and high in calcium. Plant-based, Vegan, and Non-dairy yogurt. It is nature's Super Snack.

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Dairy Free Diaries™

A collection of Dairy Free stories that are funny, embarrassing, and heartwarming. 

Dairy Free Diary Submission

Has going dairy free changed your life? Maybe you are lactose intolerance or decided to go on a dairy free diet out of a joke among friends. Either way, if you have a funny, personal, horror, heartwarming or transformational story to share, we would love to hear it!

Please submit your original story* to us at .

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Submission Guidelines:

Original story only. Please submit either stories that have not been previously published or you have obtain all necessary permissions for the content before submission.

Length. 500 – 1200 words is preferred

Story title and your information. Have a story title and include your name, location (city, state, country), and occupation.

Pictures. We welcome photos in .jpg or .png format. Please do not embed photos in word documents and please make sure you have the rights to grant the license to us.

Example of stories include: why you decided to go dairy free. How has going dairy free changed your life. A time when you accidently ate something that you thought was dairy free and only later to find out it was not.

Please note all submission will be reviewed and are subjected to our editing and terms of use guideline.  

*Original story means story that has not been previously published, including in magazines or social media platforms.