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Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt with No added Sugar. Natural occurring Electrolytes and high in calcium. Plant-based, Vegan, and Non-dairy yogurt. It is nature's Super Snack.

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Coconut Yogurt & Coconut Benefits FAQ

Coconut benefits and benefits of Dairy Free. Why go Dairy Free.

1. Why should I eat Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt?

Simple. Yoconut Dairy Free creamy coconut milk yogurt is creamy, tasty, and filled with plant-based goodness. 

Yoconut also makes it easy to incorporating more nuts and plants in your diet. Even if dairy is not a concern, I think we can all agree on the many health benefits on nuts and plants.  


2. What does Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt taste like?

Creamy & Tasty! Nom Nom.

We maybe biase. But we really do love making and eating Yoconut Dairy Free creamy coconut milk yogurt! We think you would too!


3. What is coconut yogurt?

Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt is a premium yogurt that starts with coconuts straight from trees. In fact, our first two ingredients are coconut water and coconut milk. 


4. What is plant-based yogurt?

Plant-based yogurt means we do not use any dairy ingredients. Thus, Yoconut Dairy Free creamy coconut milk yogurt is naturally dairy free.


5. How can yogurt be dairy free?

6. I don't have problem with dairy, should I still eat Yoconut Dairy Free yogurt?

Absolutely! Having Yoconut Dairy Free creamy coconut yogurt is like having more plants and nuts for your body. We all know the many health benefits from eating more nuts and plants.


7. What health benefits do coconut have?

8. What is coconut yogurt + super oats? 

9. Is it gluten free?

10. Is it sugar free?

11. How about fiber?